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A car loan can be used for a new or used car - you can also refinance your existing loan. Just use our form below to find out how much you can save!

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A car loan is simply an unsecured personal loan used to purchase an automobile. Not only can a car loan be used to purchase a car, but car loans can also be used as down-payments on a new or used car. Another way to use a car loan is to buy out your lease, in other words paying off the residual amount of what is left on the car after the lease is up to take full ownership of the automobile.

Overall, a car loan is a great way to finance or refinance all your car needs. 1st Loan Center wants to provide you the most competitive rates for your car loan needs.


It used to be that you had to find a car loan shop or visit your local bank, but today the Internet has made the car loan process much more convenient. Forget the hassle of having to go out and find a car loan lender. Apply for a car loan from your office, home, or anywhere you desire. Use 1st Loan Center for your first car loan and any loan thereafter. We are just a click away.

No matter what your credit history is like, we guarantee that you will qualify for an appropriate car loan. Good, average, or bad credit, it doesn't matter. We guarantee to offer you competitive car loan rates.

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Of course the car loan application that we provide is entirely FREE of charge! We simply process your application and we match you with a wide range of lenders that provide car loan quotes with different terms and rates. We want to find the perfect car loan for you.

Wondering how long it would take to get a car loan quote? We instantly provide you with a list of lenders and car loan offers right after we process your application. As soon as the very next day you could be purchasing your new or used car of choice.

Just imagine, if applying for a car loan with 1st Loan Center is that quick, imagine how fast you will be driving off the lot with your new or used car!


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